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Midth is a world in the prime material plane. In the years of "Dawn Song", many millennia past, the words of the Mithedhelrim (Gray Elves) were sung in the language of magic. They harmoniously wove their stories upon the minds of their youth; thus passing the Mithedhelren destiny from one generation to the next. Parts of those songs are still spoken by elder high elves (the intricate harmonies long since lost). They tell of the gods and how the gods had nourished the youthful Mithedhelrim. The gods wove many songs upon their minds, as parents would a child. Then, still in their youth, the gray elves were sent upon Midth to nurture its growing life. They would prepare their children for the "Dusk Song", when they would return to the gods, not as children, but fellow kinsfolk. The fate of the Mithedhelrim is noble, indeed. The Selkar Dominion was one of the earliest lands of Midth in which the gray elves flourished. They had emerged from the Lonely Wood and settled into the Trenol Plains and then moved northward into Selkar. Here they celebrated in the "Great Mereth" and new songs of self-pride were woven into the songs of their ancestors. The millennia passed and many of the youthful elves needed greater challenges to fill their spirit. A voice among them grew; Aratan rose and led greater than half the elves into the western mountains. From its rise he looked upon the expansive beauty of the lands to the west and the sea beyond. Aratan named the mountains, Uwinta, and gave a name to the fastness within and beyond view, Mithdor (land of the gray). But Aratan and his followers, the Edhelrim of Aratan, the Aredhelrim (High Elves), were not alone atop Uwinta. The songs of their elders had not prepared any of the high elves for the emergence of the Moredhelrim (Dark Elves). Aratan would never pass into the lands he found so gracious, for he and many Aredhelrim were slain by the twisted songs of the dark elves. This was the first time edhel had killed edhel. Many of the surviving high elves were so painfully bent in mind that they fled in unknown directions, instinctively towards the safety of wooded lands. Others fled, but in clear thought, northward or westward into new lands. The dark elves followed the last mass of fleeing high elves east, back into the Selkar Dominion. But upon returning, the high elves found no Mithedhelrim; then they moved southward into the Trenol Plains. The gray elves had vanished. Both Selkar and Trenol were scarred by the dark elves as they pursued the Aredhelrim. Alas, written accounts in the Mithedhelrim society were very rare; all was sung and that put down upon wood or stone was picture, not word. Only few structures remain as any evidence of their life in the Selkar Dominion. Note, what is called the Selkar Dominion today is only a small fraction of its original size. During the "Darker Years", less than a millennium ago, the land became fragmented by wars among man. The history of Midth has since been dominated by man, kings and countries.

Those eager to research Midth, may visit the Hezen library on the world of Rarren (material plane 1100110).
- Jarlann (The Circle of Reason)

The Elven Road - Gaming Session 2

Hi guys,

Our second session is this coming weekend, actually, tomorrow. The game time is 5:00pm - 10:00pm, I'm looking forward to finding out what's pounding from behind the door.

Take a look under resources; I added a character sheet (character generator).

There it is


Rule System

Midth is a paper and pencil world, run under a combination of 1st and 2nd edition AD&D rules, with house rules tossed in for good measure. A compilation of these rules is provided under resources.

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